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Date:2015-07-22  Source:CrowdPHP 2.0
Can Crowdphp be used to fund anything?

Everything on Crowdphp must also be a project. A project has a clear goal, like making an album, a book, a gadget, or a work of art. A project will eventually be completed, and something will be produced by it.

Crowdphp does not allow projects to fundraise for charity or offer financial incentives. Check out our rules for details.

We do a quick review of projects before they launch to ensure they fit this criteria.

What should I consider when setting my funding goal?

Your funding goal should be the minimum amount of funds you need to complete your project and make and ship any rewards.

It helps to make a list of all the materials, resources, and expenses you'll need to complete your project, and the estimated costs for each. Research how much things will cost, and consider how your expenses would change if you had to switch suppliers or fulfillment partners (it never hurts to have a back-up plan). Any funds pledged towards shipping costs will also count towards your goal. Check out this video for insight into how other creators have approached setting their funding goals.

Share a breakdown of this budget in your project description to show backers you've thought things through. Keep in mind that once you launch your project, you won't be able to change your funding goal or campaign duration.

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